Friday, 22 February 2013

online courses, degrees and certification - need and significance ]

The information age and information revolution has changed the channels of communication. The new fabrics of society are being woven on the internet and advanced digital mediums. Briefly saying, the world has gone virtual and so education is also restructuring its way to serve the needs of society. In this economic age, people have got priority to earn their livelihood, as well as they have to keep up the pace with changing environment. In order to this they need to update their skills, knowledge, and abilities - KSA.

Though it is a very tough option to leave your job and going for full time courses. It is having a high opportunity cost to opt for a full time course for a working professional. It would need to give up your earning opportunities and is really hard to manage. In this situation need of credible online degrees become much more relevant for each and every individual. Internet is bringing new era of virtual universities, colleges, coaching institutions and all other institutional structures which are going to offer you the most effective medium to survive in this competitive world.

Online degrees and courses are providing a way out of this dilemma. They are available on your convenience, time and are often very cost effective. Though it is difficult to decide whether a course is credible or not, but if informed decision is taken, one should surely opt for it. Online degrees, courses are available in almost all discipline and they are having their own instructional approaches. They can play a vital role in building your career, upgrading your knowledge, skills and abilities.

The question is what are those online universities, institutions and organizations who are offering online degrees and credible courses? What is the inclination of employers and governments when offering jobs to online degree holders? If you are pursuing your online course or online degree from any of institution, you are most welcome to share your experiences and concerns over this platform. 

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